How to become a subcontractor for Direct TV

If you are interested in a career as a satellite or satellite technician and wants to obtain in the business of the installation and maintenance Tucson direct TV systemize satellite, should understand that will be not an employee with DirecTV. Installers and technicians of service are subcontractors that work with independent companies in their local areas.

Direct TV collaborates with the businesses that take care of themselves residential and commercial installation and the maintenance of the actual equipment. In quality of subcontractor, it worker on residential accounts installation is itself and the maintenance of the equipment in the houses of the customers, or it is worked on the commercial accounts, like complex of apartments, condominiums and businesses.

Direct TV

It compiles the work question online on the website Direct TV, if you are interested to work like subcontractor on the residential accounts, and to send off your information for a local representative of contact. If you prefer to work on commercial accounts or talk to someone right away, go to step 2.

To call the broker Master System to the (800) 383-4388 and to supply the broker the region in which it is wanted worker. It explains that you are interested to work like contractor. The Master System Operator (MSO) will put you in contact with a MSO in your region, which will inform yourselves if their business is accepting the questions and / or takes again for the contractors. The MSO can plan a time for you of to enter to discuss your qualifications and to pass across the trial of interview.

To compile a form W-9, a time that you were accepted. In quality of subcontractor, you should have a W-9 to compile and send to the company. To the end of the year, the business will supply yourselves a form 1099 to complete your declarations of the incomes. The 1099 will detail the earned income during the year.

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