A Nightmare on Elm Street

More comic than horrified, the new version of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is another futile attempt to revive the evil of another era. This is not because of nightmares materialize again that they are necessarily similar.

a nightmare on elm street

A man with claws (Jackie Earle Haley) that haunts the sleep of teenagers, making their skin “under the pillow”. Like Nancy (Rooney Mara) and Quentin (Kyle Gallner) will not die so young, and they are tired of seeing their friends rendrent soul, they decide to do everything to stay awake and to unmask the source of their ills.

Michael Bay remains locked in his childhood. Between episodes of “Transformers” and the implementation of projects of special effects and editing with epilepsy, it applies as a producer to revive some of the works of horror’s most memorable recent years. Already, he has disguised “The Amityville Horror”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ” and “Friday the 13th”. As someone has already started “Halloween” with unconvincing results, it was hardly that Freddy Kruger to resurrect. Now it’s done.

Purists will cry scandal, of course, before this unnecessary remake of one of the most popular titles by Wes Craven. Through the director Samuel Bayer (who is his first feature film), the influential producer appropriates his favorite moments (the hand coming out of the bath water, the poor girl stuck to the ceiling , etc. .) without too much change, rather amend the narrative. There is really a heroine and her friends, but a group of people in limited charisma that appear and disappear without warning. Difficult to focus on them when running the show indifference. What began as an ingenious series B becomes a pseudo psychological work where everything is explained in detail by Moult returns over time. Freddy is bad for some reason, all that is related to the past, blah. However, initially it was a maniac who did not really need reasons to rub people. Without doubt this is a reflection of the time, more politically correct but much less imaginative …

All is not completely missed so far. Very different from legendary Robert Englund, Jackie Earle Haley is the main reason to be interested in this variation on familiar themes. The actor so memorable in “Watchmen” book in a performance perfectly grotesque, indulging in irresistible puns. It is humor that saves the day, just as stupid situations that are growing at an alarming rate and this music in the carpet which is often ironic. In a period when the film makes almost no fear anyone is in the humor and derision that fits this type of drivel.

It also offers all the playback without style or passion. A simple product childish rush to adolescents in the rooms, so they may well find the original in any video store and have a much better time. At least there is the delectable Jackie Earle Haley to pass the time. That makes a given.

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